Thursday, June 13, 2013

AHCA/NCAL's 2013 Joe Warner Patient Advocacy Award Recipients Announced

AHCA/NCAL proudly announced the 2013 Joe Warner Patient Advocacy Award recipients at its annual Congressional Briefing event last week. The following individuals were named this year’s award recipients: Doug Burr of Health Care Navigator, LLC; Phil Fogg, Jr., of Marquis Companies; Kelley Rice-Schild of Floridean Healthcare; and Craig Souza of the North Carolina Health Facilities Association.

AHCA/NCAL gives this award to association members who have worked directly to educate Members of Congress about the needs of long term care patients and residents and to advance quality long term care. The annual award recognizes caregivers who possess the same compassion for, and commitment to, the country’s elderly and individuals with disabilities that exemplified the work of former president and CEO of Illinois-based Heritage Enterprises, Joe Warner.

“It takes passion and conviction to be an advocate,” said Mark Parkinson, President and CEO of AHCA/NCAL. “This year’s award recipients not only stand up for these individuals who cannot advocate for themselves, but they have done so graciously and generously through their lifelong commitment to the long term care profession.”


Doug Burr is the vice president of finance, reimbursement, and government relations for Health Care Navigator, LLC. Mr. Burr also serves in several leadership committees for health care associations. Click below to watch Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) congratulate him below:


Phil Fogg, Jr., is continuing his family’s tradition of operating long term care facilities as president and CEO of Marquis Companies - a long term care company with 26 facilities across Oregon and the Northwest. Click below to watch Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) congratulate him below:


Kelley Rice-Schild is executive director of Floridean Healthcare, which operates the oldest nursing home in Miami, Florida. She is also owner and partner of Partner Care Pharmacy. Click below to watch Rep. Joe Garcia (D-FL) congratulate her below:

Craig Souza has led long term care advocacy in North Carolina for 36 years, serving as president of the North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association since 1977. Click below to watch Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) congratulate him below:

Each of this year’s award recipients has demonstrated dedication to protecting the rights of seniors and advocating for long term and post-acute care.

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