Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Q&A on the QA: Advice from the Inside

Quality Awards Frequently Asked Questions, Post #2
Alert: the Bronze National Quality Award deadline has already passed! But Silver and Gold applicants still have three full weeks to finish up their applications and submit them online before 8pm EST on February 28. Need some assistance along the way? This second post in the "Q&A on the QA" series will give you access to an example of a successful Quality Award application, how to avoid disqualification, and quick tips on accessing your Trend Tracker data. 

So check out the advice from the inside below! Still have unanswered questions? Submit them to and follow along on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Q. Is it possible to see an example of a successful Quality Award application?

A. The Quality Award program does not post examples of successful Silver applications. However, there are a number of Gold recipient applications available on the website. Silver applicants are asked to respond to the Basic and Overall items in the Baldrige criteria, while Gold applicants respond to the full criteria; Basic, Overall and Multiple. So Silver applicants will find the Gold applications very useful in gaining an understanding of application formatting, structure and content. Links to the successful Gold applications can be downloaded here.

Q. On the Silver application, the technical requirements state that applicants are allotted 5 pages for the Organizational Profile and 15 pages for criteria responses. If an application has 4 pages for the Organizational Profile and 16 pages for criteria responses, will that result in disqualification?

A. Yes, in that scenario the application would likely be disqualified. In the very least, the last page of the application would not be reviewed. Silver and Gold applicants have a maximum of 5 pages to complete the Organizational Profile. Responses can be less than 5 pages, but cannot exceed 5 pages. Silver applicants have a maximum 15 pages to complete the responses to categories 1-7 of the Silver criteria, while Gold applicants have a maximum of 50 pages. Applicants must meet these page limit requirements. Applicants who do not adhere to the technical requirements are subject to disqualifications. A complete list of technical requirements is available in the Silver and Gold application packets.

Q. How do I obtain my log-in credentials for LTC Trend Tracker?

A. LTC Trend Tracker is an excellent data collection resource for Quality Award applicants, so it’s great to hear from applicants that are utilizing it! To access your credentials for LTC trend tracker, you should email Additional tips on accessing LTC Trend Tracker are as follows:
  1. LTC Trend Tracker password is a separate password from your AHCA member password. You will need to register prior to gaining access to the system.
  2. Due to the volume of registrants it can take 3-5 business days to process your application, so register early.
  3. If your facility is a multi-facility registration must take place at the corporate office. In addition, the corporate office determines who has access to LTC Trend Tracker. Therefore, if you work for a multi-facility email, we will check to see if your organization is registered and send an email to your account administrator to see if you can have access to the system. If you are not registered we will let you know that as well, and you can discuss this with your corporate office.
  4. If you have registered and forget your password please email to get your password. Customer service operates from 9-2:30PM CT Monday-Friday. In addition, you can hit the “forgot password” link and your password will be emailed to the registered email address on file.

Q. Is the turnover calculation supposed to include all employees, or just nursing employees?

A. The turnover calculation, asked in the on-line application form of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Quality Award applicants should include all employees, not just nursing staff.

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