Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Medicare 101: The Basic Breakdown

There’s no doubt the Medicare program is complex. Think about how complicated it can be to keep your own family’s health care needs in line – now multiply that times the 39 million people for which Medicare provides health care coverage. Mix in the various program focuses (Medicare has two main parts – Part A for health care provided in hospitals, SNFs, hospices, etc., and Part B for optional additional coverage for doctor’s visits and out-patient services), and there’s a complex system of finances, insurance, health care needs, and individual patient plans.

Luckily, the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Alliance for Health Reform recognized the need for a dialogue on the program and its basic role in providing health care coverage for Americans. The two organizations put together a panel of Medicare experts to discuss the program and answer questions from the public. The panel briefing, entitled “Medicare 101: What You Need to Know,” is available on the Kaiser Family Foundation website, both as a video of the presentation and a podcast.

The panel also shares with the audience a short video, “The History of Medicare: A Timeline,” to refresh the audience – and those of us at home – about the history of the program and how it has adapted to the changing needs of the American population. 

For more information, visit the Kaiser Family Foundation or the Alliance for Health Reform.

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