Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Quality Resources!

This post is part of the AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative Quarterly Update - Fourth Quarter 2012.

 Tracking Hospitalizations in Real Time

Visit the Advancing Excellence website to access the newly-released Safely Reducing Hospitalizations Tracking Tool! Use this Excel-based tool, derived from the pen-and-paper tracking log that is part of the INTERACT program, to establish your organization’s baseline, set a target, and then track 30-day readmissions, hospital admissions, ER visits and hospital transfers resulting in observation stays.

Management Resources to Enhance Organizational Performance

Learn what it takes to make an organization great. The AHCA/NCAL Management Series is a new educational resource for all members - a sequence of webinars designed to offer long term care leaders new insights into key management elements for success.

Taught by teams of nationally-recognized authorities in organizational excellence from within and outside the long term care profession, this series reflects the very best of management practice.

The series can serve as a team-building experience for your staff and help you achieve the AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative goals. Individual webinars focus on topics including workforce, customer satisfaction, data management, operations and others integral to success in all four goals. Each webinar also links directly to the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program criteria and will be a helpful resource for members engaged in preparing award applications.

Build a Committed and Motivated Workforce

The new staff satisfaction guide from AHCA/NCAL provides practical ways (a lot of them free) leaders can address the most important factors that drive staff satisfaction. Implementing just a few of these could increase your customer satisfaction and business outcomes.

ASSISTED LIVING: Safely Reducing Hospital Readmissions

With approval from the developers of INTERACT, the nurses on NCAL’s Quality Committee and the AALNA Board have revised the INTERACT SBAR and Stop and Watch tools for assisted living, including adding in an SBAR for AL Caregivers and an SBAR for AL Nurses. Check out these tools to help you meet the Quality Initiative Goal of safely reducing hospital readmissions:

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