Wednesday, December 5, 2012

“Fiscal Cliff Bungee Jumping”

The title of the post is the phrase uttered by former Gov. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota during a Bloomberg Government briefing this morning: “Downsizing the Deficit.” Senators Mark Warner, Bob Corker and Representative Chris Von Hollen joined Gov. Pawlenty in analyzing the fiscal cliff and they all touched on the effect it will have on the profession.

Lawmakers continue to negotiate to avoid the fiscal cliff which will take place at the beginning of the year if we reach no compromise. All eyes fall to Speaker Boehner and President Obama to negotiate a deal. AHCA has run a series of ads to ask Congress to stop the sequester/fiscal cliff and avoid a 2% across the board Medicare cut for providers.

Sen. Corker lamented that the president, “has to do something with entitlement reform.”

Rep. Van Hollen stressed that we must have a “different approach to Medicare” indicating that the focus should fall on the “value of care rather than the volume of care.”

Gov. Pawlenty echoed those sentiments by referencing “valued added payments.”

And Sen. Warner concluded with what everyone thought, “A real deal would do more for growth than anything else.”

And it’s all a question of political will. AHCA stands ready to help achieve compromise that does not threaten America’s nursing homes and we continually need to call on you as members to be part of that effort.

All on the panel hedged odds at not falling off the cliff as better than 50 percent. What do you think?

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