Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Take A Look Around You

By: Meg LaPorte, Managing Editor
Provider Magazine

The longer I work in this profession, the more I realize what an astonishing amount of work, dedication, and compassion goes into caring for nursing home residents. Having been in the field for nearly a decade, I have come to realize that those who have chosen long term and post-acute care as the venue for their career path are nothing short of amazing people.

Even more amazing are those who possess the ability to motivate this already motivated group. Such individuals should be acknowledged in a special way.

That’s why we’ve launched our new feature, 20 To Watch, the purpose of which is to recognize some folks in this profession who have demonstrated great potential and leadership skills, from nurses and CNAs, to socials workers, administrators, activity directors, and beyond.

The selected individuals will be profiled in the December, January, and February issues of the magazine, and a page on the Provider website will be dedicated to the feature.

We have already received some fantastic nominations, but we would like to get a few more. So please help us by taking a look around your office, your building, your facility, or even your home—do you work with, live with, or know of someone who has both the compassion and the vision to make a lasting impact in the field?

If so, send me a message or drop me a line. Just don’t drop the ball on this opportunity—as it is an excellent way to recognize someone who deserves acknowledgement and appreciation.
The deadline is THIS FRIDAY, Oct. 26. For more details, visit the 20 to Watch website.

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