Friday, June 15, 2012

Saying No to Provider Assessment Reductions

Earlier this month, Congressional Leadership sent a memo to the president outlining a plan to prevent Stafford student loan rate increases by July 1st. In an effort to address the issue and pay for its costs, GOP leaders want to reduce the Medicaid provider assessment threshold from 6% to 5.5%, a move that could severely affect many states with provider assessment rates above 5.5%.

In response to this action, AHCA sent a letter to House and Senate leaders, outlining opposition to the proposal and launched a campaign to urge all Congress to oppose the proposal, especially in the most affected states.

AHCA agrees that the provider assessment program is not a long term funding solution and is committed to working with Congress to find a more permanent solution to the continuous underfunding of Medicaid.

Check out our provider assessments page for more details, including an interactive map where you can see how the proposal would impact Medicaid funding in your state. In addition to showing the estimated 10 year impact of the Congressional proposal, the map highlights in red the most severely affected states - those who are already facing reductions in Medicare Part A bad debt expense reimbursement, which is a part of The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012.

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