Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Forging Ahead in a Changing Climate

This month’s issue of Provider Magazine features something everyone can benefit from – providers talking frankly about the state of the profession today. Beginning on page 22 of the print issue, readers can hear firsthand from facility owners and operators on how they’re dealing with the most pressing issues facing business leaders and clients alike. Topics include last October’s Medicare cuts, staff recruitment and retention challenges, AHCA’s new Quality Initiative, and more.

In this month’s Management column, consultant Joanne Smikle points out that in order to be successful, leaders must gain the trust of staff at all levels. One unique case that Smikle cites is one in which a company’s senior staff takes CNA training and switches roles with their CNAs for a week, in an exercise that “honored assistants, provided comic relief, and humbled many executives.” Read more on this and other “leadership strategies that stick,” beginning on page 41.

Do you know about the latest April 2012 MDS changes affecting bladder and bowel care? According to nurse educator Leah Klusch, the new MDS requires a wide range of reporting on continence that goes well beyond incontinence clients, including cognitive status, mood, skin issues, and more. Get up to speed on these changes and their impacts in the Focus on Caregiving column on page 33.

And lastly this month, Provider features its annual listing of the Top 50 Largest Nursing Facility Companies, page 45 and Top 40 Largest Assisted Living Companies, page 51. See what the largest companies have in common in the print issue.

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