Monday, February 27, 2012

Providers Take Technology To a New Level

By: Patrick Connole, Senior Editor
Provider Magazine

Provider's March cover story examines how long term care and post-acute care facilities are brainstorming like never before. Using new technology and innovations for improving care and cutting costs, providers across the country are preparing for the new age of coordinated care and bundled payment programs.

The article highlights a number of providers, focusing a lot of attention on the work being done by the Good Samaritan Society, based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

At Good Sam, innovation is more than a passing fancy, it's part of the organization’s lifeblood as the provider seeks new business opportunities and fresh ideas on how to care for its residents now and into the future. Sometimes the innovation is a new technology, like an electronic health record or sensor system, but other times it is actually a low-tech solution, coming in the form of tweaking existing practices, possibly involving staffing or how residents are cared for on a daily basis.

One technology featured in the article is the software offered by OnShift to allow providers to manage labor costs and please staff at the same time. Instead of the old way of filling open shifts, the software gives administrators tools to communicate with staff efficiently to discover the best candidate for open shifts without running unnecessary overtime that busts facility budgets.

Long term care has a reputation as being behind the times when it comes to using technology seen in other care settings. This month we explain how and why that stereotype is being broken down, one facility and one innovation at a time. Get the full story beginning on page 25 of the March issue.

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