Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's New at Provider Magazine

The current issue of Provider magazine takes an in-depth look at the funding changes in store for Medicaid programs across the nation as the federal government and states grapple with the challenge of paying for dual-eligible beneficiaries.

The cover story, "CMS Opens Gates to Funding Changes," takes a deeper look at managed care in the Medicaid world by going to providers in Arizona for answers. Arizona is one of the few states with managed care programs in place for long term care. As detailed in the story, the solutions favored by many policymakers in Washington may actually present another level of challenges for providers and drive dollars away from caring for Medicaid-eligible seniors. A source tells Wagner how the market has responded to the Medicaid shift to managed care by creating a new niche of facilities specializing in Medicare-only beneficiaries in Arizona.

This month’s Provider features a number of News Currents pieces on hot topics like observation stays, assisted living oversight, accountable care organizations, and quality data released by AHCA showing further progress in caring for residents. Columns focus on caregiving, management, and technology for long term care, from aquatic therapy gaining favor in facilities to telehealth options expanding in rural Georgia.

Check out the December issue for more.

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