Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Care Not Cuts" Launches

In case you missed it, AHCA and the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care launched their new informational ad campaign, "Care Not Cuts," this week.

The first ad, "Nurses," features actual caregivers talking about how potential additional cuts threaten access to long term and post-acute care. Check it out:

To learn how you can take action against possible cuts to nursing and assisted living facilities, go to

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Supercommittee Watch: Henslaring gets briefed by local skilled nursing facilities

This week, AHCA and the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care launched their nationwide informational campaign, “Care Not Cuts,” to educate lawmakers about the impact of additional cuts to long term and post-acute care facilities.

But some of the profession’s best messengers are its members.

Last week, Congressman Jeb Henslaring held a roundtable discussion with about 25 local residents in Gun Barrel City, Texas. In attendance were two AHCA/NCAL members: Sonny Humble of Cedar Lake Nursing Service in Malakoff, and Ronald Payne of Southwest Long-term Care Management, owner of Green Oaks Nursing Home in Athens.

Humble and Payne took the opportunity to discuss how rounds of reductions have impacted their facility and caution against additional cuts to their facilities to a key Member of Congress:
Humble and Payne are concerned with the cuts skilled nursing homes will be taking, come Oct. 1, 2011. The cuts involve the rehabilitation part of the nursing facilities. According to Humble and Payne, no other industry is regulated as much as a skilled nursing facility. Humble and Payne said their facilities have already suffered enough cuts, and another cut is due to come in October.
Rep. Henslaring is one of the 12 members of the Deficit Reduction Committee, also known as the Supercommittee, that is charged with coming up with recommendations to reduce federal spending by November 23. Medicare and Medicaid cuts may be on the table, making many AHCA/NCAL members take action.

But Humble and Payne weren’t at the roundtable to just warn against additional cuts, they helped offer solutions to the budget crisis.
According to the literature they presented Hensarling, their plan is a relevant policy proposal that meets the needs of patients, and address the threatening financing crisis by streamlining the post-acute care-payment system in a sustainable patient-centered and cost-effective way.

Their proposal states this plan reduces the Federal spending by an estimated $15-$20 billion over a 10-year budget window.
AHCA/NCAL encourages more of its members to follow the example of Humble and Payne, and take advantage of any local meetings with their Members of Congress while their at home in their districts.

To find about town halls or events in your area, contact AHCA’s Meredith Freed, find sample questions and talking points on AHCA’s website.