Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meet “Giff”

AHCA’s new Senior Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Dr. David Gifford, was featured in an article in McKnight’s Long Term Care News today.

McKnight’s takes us through his early years, where he grew an appreciation and respect for the elderly through his grandparents. “Giff” also talks about his first experience working within a nursing home as a medical director:

“It was incredibly rewarding not only to get to know the patients and families, but also to work in teams and be able to influence policies and practices,” said Giff.
In his latest role before AHCA, director of the Rhode Island Department of Health, Dr. Gifford had to deal with crippling budget cuts that prevented him from advancing his passion for finding innovative ways to improve quality.

And his reputation for high quality follows him wherever he goes:

“…he doesn't have much patience for people who don't strive for quality improvement,” comments Virginia Burke, president of the Rhode Island Health Care Association in the piece.
Learn more about Dr. Gifford’s history and fervor for long term care by reading the article.