Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Start Spreading the News

 April 6, 2011
Courtesy of Roll Call

This morning was probably like any other for DC’ers – hitting the alarm button two, three times; making a hot cup of Joe; turning on your favorite morning cable news show; and scrolling through your daily edition of Roll or CQ. But what’s this? An ad about jobs in long term care?

AHCA/NCAL’s new ad campaign features what we in the profession have known for quite some time – that we are an essential element of our nation’s economy. As Congress begins hashing out budgets and possibly revamping federal health programs, making the Hill aware of this fact is exactly what we aim to do.

Besides the millions of jobs in long term facilities, the 63,000 additional jobs created in 2010, and the tens of billions of dollars in tax revenue by our facilities, long term facilities are also:
  • the 10th largest employer in the nation, 
  • supporting $529 billion in economic activity, and
  • directly contributing to 1.3% of the nation’s GDP.
AHCA/NCAL will be running the ad for the next couple of weeks, including in Politico, and we will continue to push forth the economic benefits of the long term care profession for the inevitable future.

Learn more about the economic impact of long term care facilities throughout the country and in each state.

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