Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Now Playing at a Facility Near You

Look at the activity board for almost any nursing and assisted living facility in America today, and most likely, there is a movie being shown in the next week.

Going to the movies is a classic American pastime. Even during recessions and depressions, people are lining up to get a ticket to the next big show.

For those in long term care facilities, the same is still true. Whether timeless classics or the newest blockbusters, movies are a great way to bring residents together and socialize. However, showing a video at a nursing or assisted living facility isn’t as easy as popping in a DVD at home. For more than 20 years, the profession has had to negotiate video licensing fees with the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC).

The latest negotiations between AHCA/NCAL and our friend LeadingAge with MPLC helped bring out an agreement allowing nursing and assisted living facilities to be exempt from video licensing fees.

With the last agreement expiring in 2000 and many facilities unsure about whether they needed to pay licensing fees, this is especially helpful in bringing clarity to the issue. It’s certainly a victory for the thousands of facilities that like we said before, show a video to residents almost every week.

While nursing and assisted living facilities are exempt, there are some exceptions within the agreement worth noting:
  • Any senior community or facility which has a closed circuit television system (such as an in-house channel) playing videos must obtain a license. 
  • Communities with independent living units, apartments or other similarly defined living quarters must acquire a license based on the number of independent apartments in the community. 
  • Since many long term care facilities incorporate a number of facets including nursing, assisted living, independent living and continuing care retirement communities, AHCA/NCAL and LeadingAge helped negotiate that member facilities can receive a 10 percent discount on all rates MPLC has applied to their facility.
So break out the popcorn, folks! It’s time to kick back and enjoy a good flick.

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