Thursday, January 13, 2011

National Poll Shows Majority of Voters Oppose Medicaid Cuts to Nursing Homes

Results from a new online poll from Zogby International, a leading market research firm, show that the overwhelming majority of voters strongly oppose Medicaid cuts to nursing care facilities. 

As legislators work to finalize 2011 state budgets, this information about voter opinion to proposed Medicaid cuts might make a difference in how those funds are allocated.

Topline results from survey of likely voters:

•    65% of likely voters say they oppose policies that resulted in cuts to Medicaid funding for nursing home care for America’s poor and elderly.

•    66% say they would oppose policies that resulted in additional cuts to Medicare funding for nursing home care for seniors, with 39% saying they strongly oppose such action.

•    72% say the federal government’s role in helping states meet their financial obligations to cover programs such as Medicaid is important.

•    65% say they support extending additional Medicaid funding to state governments in response to state deficits and economic difficulties.

What does it all mean? The majority of voters oppose cuts to Medicaid funding for nursing homes then and now. They believe it is the responsibility of the federal government to protect state Medicaid funding for nursing homes, and they support extending additional funding.

As new data is released (see our recent Eljay study on Medicaid shortfall) it is becoming clear that outlook for Medicaid funding to nursing home care in 2011 is expected to be worse than previous years. The LTC community will need to band together if we hope to be heard by Congress and state lawmakers.

Note: the survey mentioned above was conducted by Zogby International via an interactive survey of 2,067 likely voters from 1/7/11 to 1/10/11 and has a margin of error is +/- 2.2 percentage points. For more information about this survey you can visit

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